In 2024, the average cost of wedding flowers in the UK ranged from £700 to £1,200. Planning a wedding involves many details, and one of the most beautiful and significant aspects is choosing the right flowers. Flowers set the tone and enhance the aesthetics of the event, but they also come with a cost. Understanding the average spend on wedding flowers can help brides budget more effectively and make informed decisions. Here's a comprehensive guide to help brides navigate the world of wedding flowers in the UK in 2024.

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The Importance of Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are not just decorative elements; they symbolise love, commitment, and the beauty of the union being celebrated. From the bridal bouquet to the centrepieces, each floral arrangement plays a crucial role in creating the desired ambiance for the wedding day.

Average Spend on Wedding Flowers in 2024

Costs can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of flowers chosen, the scale of the arrangements, and the location of the wedding.

  1. Bridal Bouquet: The average cost of a bridal bouquet is around £80 to £150.
  2. Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: Each bridesmaid's bouquet typically costs between £40 to £60.
  3. Buttonholes and Corsages: Buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen can cost about £10 each, while corsages for mothers and grandmothers range from £20 to £30 each.
  4. Ceremony Flowers: Floral arrangements for the ceremony venue, such as altar flowers and pew ends, can range from £200 to £500.
  5. Reception Flowers: Centrepieces for the reception tables can vary widely, with each arrangement costing between £50 to £150. Additional reception decorations, like floral garlands and cake flowers, may add another £100 to £300 to the total cost.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Wedding Flowers

Several factors influence the total cost of wedding flowers:

  1. Flower Types: Exotic or out-of-season flowers tend to be more expensive. Popular choices like roses, peonies, and lilies can vary in price based on their availability.
  2. Seasonality: Choosing flowers that are in season can significantly reduce costs. For example, spring weddings may benefit from tulips and daffodils, while autumn weddings might feature chrysanthemums and dahlias.
  3. Scale and Complexity: Larger weddings with more elaborate floral designs will naturally incur higher costs. Custom or intricate designs also add to the expense.
  4. Location: Weddings in major cities like London may cost more due to higher service fees and delivery charges compared to rural areas.

Tips for Budgeting and Saving on Wedding Flowers

  1. Prioritise Key Arrangements: Focus on high-impact areas like the bridal bouquet, ceremony backdrop, and reception centrepieces.
  2. Opt for Seasonal Blooms: Choosing flowers that are in season locally can help cut costs.
  3. Dried Flowers: Dried flowers are a good option because they are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and can provide a unique, rustic charm to wedding décor.
  4. Repurpose Arrangements: Use ceremony flowers for the reception to get the most value out of your floral budget.
  5. Simplify Designs: Simple, elegant arrangements can be just as stunning and often cost less than complex designs.


Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, adding beauty, fragrance, and a touch of nature to the celebration. By understanding the average spend on wedding flowers in the UK and considering the various factors that influence costs, brides can plan more effectively and make choices that suit both their vision and their budget.

For further information and detailed insights into wedding flower costs, brides can refer to trusted UK sources like Hitched and Bridebook.

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June 29, 2024 — Megan Staples