Dried flowers are extremely popular and with good reason! They have many benefits and that is why we at Desert Dreams Dried Flowers love working with them and creating beautiful arrangements for homes and events.

Long Lasting 

Dried flowers are long-lasting and what a great benefit that is. Isn’t it sad when your fresh flowers start to droop after just a few days! The drying process used on our dried flowers still guarantees gorgeous colours and long lasting preservation. Dried flowers will last an average of 1-3 years and make the most gorgeous lasting home décor or gift. The key to making them last however is the moister in your room, it’s best to avoid damp rooms such as bathrooms for example.


Easy Maintenance 

They are very low maintenance and it’s easy to forgot about your real flowers and plants if you have a busy life style. They therefore do not need any water or taking care of in general as they are already dried. A gentle dust every few months is all we would recommend.

Weddings & Events - to be enjoyed before & after!

As we look to the future we can see from influencers, blogs and trends that dried flowers are set to be bigger than ever! With fresh flowers they all have to be prepared and delivered on the day of your wedding or event. Dried flowers provide you with the comfort of seeing your arrangements and set up before the big day. You will also be able to enjoy them for years after the event itself. In hot weather they will also stay looking beautiful and natural throughout the day.

​Large Variety

You can dry lots of amazing flowers from Cortaderia, Eucalyptus, Gypsophila, Lavender, Triticum, Lagurus, Ruscus and many more! These are some of our favorites we work with daily and each flower type has a different preserving technique producing the best quality and finished product.


Desert Dreams aims to move with the seasons and keep up with the latest trends, from colourful summer bouquets to autumnal stems for your fireplace. We add sparkles and glitter to our Christmas arrangements and cater for all important celebratory dates throughout the year.

Allergy Benefits 

Dried flowers do not contain any pollen so allergy sufferers may find dried flowers a better alternative for your home.


Not all dried flowers do, but some of the more fragrant flowers such as lavender and eucalyptus keep their scent for a long time and this is considered in the drying process.

We are always experimenting with new ideas and looking for the latest trends. New arrangements are added to our shop weekly!

February 01, 2022 — Megan Staples