How Far in Advance Should You Buy Dried Flowers for a Wedding

How Far in Advance You Should Buy Dried Flowers for a Wedding

When should you order dried wedding flowers? This is a common question among couples preparing for their big day. We recommend ordering at least 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. However, it is advisable to place your order well in advance to secure your preferred date and avoid any last-minute stress.
March 31, 2024 — Megan Staples
can i use dried flowers for my wedding?

Can I use Dried Flowers for my Wedding?

One often-overlooked element that can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of a wedding is the choice of floral arrangements. While fresh flowers have long been the traditional option for weddings, there's a growing trend towards using dried flowers—and for good reason. Here's why dried flowers are a fantastic choice for weddings and why they surpass fresh flowers in several key aspects.
March 12, 2024 — Megan Staples
The Ultimate Guide to Top Trending Wedding Decorations - Desert Dreams Dried Flowers

The Ultimate Guide to Top Trending Wedding Decorations

As wedding season approaches, brides across the UK are eagerly planning every detail of their special day. From the dress to the venue, every element contributes to creating the perfect ambiance. In 2024, there are several exciting trends in wedding decorations that British brides should consider. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the top trending wedding decorations, including the charming allure of dried flowers.
March 05, 2024 — Megan Staples
2024 wedding flower trends

Hottest Wedding Flower Trends of 2024

The beauty of a wedding often lies in its intricate details, and one of the most crucial elements that can set the tone and ambiance is the choice of flowers. As we step into 2024, brides and grooms are embracing new trends that infuse freshness, elegance, and a touch of personality into their big day. From timeless classics to bold innovations, let's explore the top wedding flower trends for 2024 that are sure to inspire couples planning their dream nuptials.
February 17, 2024 — Megan Staples
Wild flower countryside dried bridal bouquet

Dried Flower Bouquets for a Countryside Wedding

In the realm of weddings, the charm of rustic boho themes has flourished, invoking an ethereal and earthy ambiance. For those embracing the countryside allure and seeking a unique twist, dried flower bouquets are an exquisite choice, lending an air of timeless elegance to the celebration. Let's delve into the captivating world of dried floral arrangements, especially tailored for a rustic boho countryside wedding.
December 06, 2023 — Megan Staples
10 Creative Ways to Display Dried Flowers at Your Wedding

10 Creative Ways to Display Dried Flowers at Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding décor, flowers play a pivotal role in adding a touch of romance and sophistication to the venue. If you're considering dried flowers for your wedding, here are 10 creative ways to display them, bringing a rustic and elegant flair to your special day.
November 14, 2023 — Megan Staples
Dried Wedding Flower Bouquet - Preservation Tips

Preserving Wedding Bouquets with Dried Flowers: A Timeless Keepsake

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. The memories created during this occasion are cherished forever, and preserving the beautiful elements that made your day unique is a wonderful way to relive those moments. One such element that can be preserved with care and creativity is your wedding bouquet.
November 07, 2023 — Megan Staples
Dried Wedding Flowers Flourish - Desert Dreams Dried Flowers

Dried Wedding Flowers Flourish

Dried flowers look super chic and are fast becoming the preferred flower of choice for weddings - and for very good reason!
April 14, 2023 — Megan Staples