Dried Flower Corsage


Our exquisite Dried Flower Wrist Corsages are a stunning accessory that combine the delicate beauty of faux white roses, the ethereal charm of pampas grass, with the airy allure of gypsophilia, finished with a pristine white ribbon. This wrist corsage is a symbol of timeless elegance and grace, designed to enhance your overall look with a touch of natural beauty.

Key Features:

1. Faux White Rose: The focal point of this corsage is a faux white rose, exuding purity and grace. This everlasting bloom maintains its pristine appearance throughout your special day, without wilting or fading.

2. Ethereal Pampas Grass: Pampas grass adds an enchanting and whimsical quality to the corsage. Its feathery stems gently sway with your movements, creating a captivating aura of romance and beauty.

3. Airy Gypsophilia: Gypsophilia, also known as baby's breath, brings an airy, delicate touch to the corsage. Its tiny white blossoms provide a soft contrast to the more substantial elements, adding a touch of elegance and charm.

4. White Ribbon: The corsage is elegantly finished with a white ribbon, allowing for easy and secure attachment to your wrist. The ribbon adds a touch of refinement and ensures a comfortable fit.

5. Versatile Accessory: This wrist corsage is a versatile accessory, suitable for a wide range of special occasions, including weddings, proms, and other celebrations.

6. Keepsake Quality: This dried flower wrist corsage can be cherished as a lasting memento from your special day. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the love and joy you celebrated.