Dried Flower Hair Comb


Enhance your bridal ensemble with the enchanting charm of our Handmade Dried Flower Hair Combs. This meticulously crafted accessory combines delicate elements, including gypsophilia, bunny tails, white ruscus, and dried daisies, to create a unique and timeless piece that will adorn your hair with natural beauty on your special day.

Key Features:

1. Handmade Artistry: Each Dried Flower Hair Comb is carefully handmade with precision and attention to detail. 

2. Diverse Elements: This hair comb boasts a captivating blend of gypsophilia for ethereal charm, bunny tails for a touch of whimsy, white ruscus for delicate elegance, and dried daisies for a pop of romantic simplicity. The combination of these elements results in a piece that is both unique and versatile.

3. Timeless Appeal: Dried flowers evoke a timeless beauty that won't wither or fade. The floral elements on this comb remain as beautiful as ever, allowing you to cherish this piece as a keepsake from your wedding day.

4. Secure and Comfortable: Our hair comb is designed for both security and comfort. It can be easily nestled into various hairstyles, ensuring that it stays in place throughout your special day, without causing any discomfort.

5. Versatile Bridal Accessory: Whether you're the bride, bridesmaid, or a wedding guest, our Dried Flower Hair Comb is a versatile addition to your attire. It can complement a variety of styles, from bohemian and rustic to classic and modern, making it the perfect finishing touch.

6. Customisable: If you wish to add a personal touch or match the comb to your wedding colour scheme, our hair comb is open to customisation. Contact us to discuss your unique preferences and requirements.